Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Girl.....Me!

Last Monday was my 30th birthday. Mum, Dad and my beautiful sisters-and families, came over and decorated my living room and cooked me dinner.
I love red glass and have quite a big collection so they put tealight candles in them and the room glowed a lovely shade of pink.

Check out the fairy lights. Sooo pretty.

Birthday dinner was pork roast, my favourite salad (cawliflower, cucumber and shallots) and desert..... Triple Chocolate cheesecake that my lovely (almost) bro in law cooked up.
I felt incredibly blessed to be able to spend my birthday with my favourite people. And found out that after a couple of glasses of bubbly I no longer talk but sing every sentence, like I am one of the flight of the conchords (i'm obviously the shorter, more goodlooking one!)
Thanks Nath, Zoe, Koby, Mum, Dad, Jo, Jef, Brax, Hayley, Ryan, and Molly.


  1. Oh sounds like you had a great night - so you're Brett and not Jermaine then? :)

  2. your dinner looked so beautiful! happy birthday!
    p.s ive awarded you a kreative blogger award, head over to my blog to see the details ;)


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