Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogtober Day 24

Polercise was awesome!
Sorry I have no pics but really there was none that were really flattering.
We started off by learning to strut our stuff around the pole and then we learnt a few tricks.
Oh my, how it tests your upper body strength.... and in my case, lack of.  By the end of the class everyone could swing around the pole and do what is called a carousel move (swinging around while looking like your riding a horse, side saddle...kind of)
It was great fun, the girls in the class came with a great attitude so it was easy to relax. There were a few girls who had done some classes before so we ooohed and aaahed at the tricks they had already mastered. "Upside down? Your my hero!"
I must admit I had to push through those feelings of "I'm gonna fall flat on my face" and the hesitation that comes with it but once you take that next step it gets easier from there. I think it must be like doing gymnastics where you have to psych yourself up to do the trick.
So now I can swing around a pole and know how to move my booty. I have a lot more admiration for pole dancers. Not that I want to go to a strip club and watch them or anything but to be able to pull off some of those moves.... Wow.
We left with incredibly aching arms, I'm told tomorrow will hurt even more, and some of the girls had carpet burns and bruises from the pole.
But all in all, I had a blast. A great start to my birthday celebrations this weekend.

I am now off to bed and I'll let you know if the aches are worse tomorrow, I'm sure they will be!
PS.  If your local gym has beginner polercise classes.... Do It!

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