Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogtober Day 23

How do you get out of a rut?
Seriously I'd love some help, the last few days have been very Meh. I have some projects that need finishing pronto and it's just not happening.
My motivation on a scale of one to ten is.... minus..... maybe... two....

That's all...
Sorry, I will definately tag this as gratuitous whinging.
I hope you have lovely plans for this weekend. I myself are going to test my lack of body strength by taking a polercise class. Yes that's right legitimate pole dancing as an areobic work out. It is a combined birthday bash with one of besties Kate who is down from Bundy.
I think I will have sore arms and legs for sure but hopefully more so, sore abs and cheek muscles from laughing so much. Apparently you wear heels while exercising, so I went to buy some high high heels today ( I usually just wear flats) but no luck. Which i think is good, less chance of breaking my ankles maybe?
Anyhoo, I will share the hilarity with you tomorrow.... but probably only in words.

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  1. So I've always wanted to try one of those spill the beans and tell all!


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