Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogtober Day...ummmm.....okay so I missed a few... Sorry

Wisting away.
I am a very hard person to buy for. And I feel very sorry for my family who are trying to buy birthday presents for me at the moment. Ahem..... walking foot for my sewing machinge..... *clears throat* sorry about that.
Anyway when I swap on Craftster, to help my swap partners get a better idea of what kind of things I like I started up a wist.
What is a wist?
A wist is a database of your favourite things that you find online, either on craftster, etsy or people's blogs etc. You download their internet explorer which has a tool so you can click on a site and add it to your wists. It then saves the picture and link for you to browse through later.
Here is mine. I also like to book mark things for inspiration as well, then I don't have to go hunting through all my links and bookmarked sites.
The site itself sometimes is a bit slow but it is great for inspiration and gives you a bit of snap shot into a person's likes and makes it a little easier when crafting for them.

Have you found anything really pretty in your travels lately? I'd love for you to share your finds with me.

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