Friday, November 6, 2009

Matryoshka Swap Lovelies

So I got some really cute Russian Doll themed crafted items from my swap partner Schnerby (from Craftster) and as always I am excited to share what I recieved.
First off, a pretty pink embroidered hand towel.
A handstitched, felt luggage tag. The cross stitch in this is lovely...
A purple hairclip for Zoe.

Close up of lugguage tag. How perfect are those stitches!

Next up, a family portrait of us as nesting dolls.
They are ATC size.
I can't begin to tell you how much I love them.

An embroidered Matryoshka to be hung in my sewing room

An embroidered bag for Koby to hold all his toys in.

And last but not least this gorgeous scarf. It is soo incredibly soft and the texture is just wonderful.I keep coming and patting it.

Close up of crosstitch. *love*

Schnerby is an Australian who is living in China teaching English and found her resourses for this project to be limited, but I think she did an amazing job with what she had available to her. The day before she was supposed to send off my package she broke her finger and had to get some of her students to put the fringe on the scarf and sew on the matryoshka patch, so I say a big thank you to you as well.
I hope she recieves her swap package soon and I hope she likes everything that I've made her.

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