Friday, April 3, 2009

New to me!

I got to go op shopping this week and I think i see a theme reoccurring with the fabrics I found.
The top fabric is an old cot sheet with cute deer and rabbits and birds, very bambi-esque. The fabric on the bottom right is also a cot sheet with little rabbits on it an the bottom right is deer and rabbits, so cute! I am seeing some very interesting bags being made of these.Next i found these shoes. I am in love. They are a really dark bluey/green and have hardly been worn. They are a little tight but the dear old lady at the op shop said to wear them round the house with thick socks for a few hours and see if that helps. To be honest I am worried about getting killer blisters so I'll make sure i have the bandaids handy.Cute pink owl buttons from the little sewing shop down the main street. They were 27 cents each. I am not sure what to use them on yet but i couldn't leave them there... could I?I am finishing up a big swap this weekend so hopefully next week I'll be able to post pics (my partner has already sent, so pics of that will be here once I receive)
My beautiful best friend is turning 30 today and is flying back to Aus to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Mel!
I hope that you have some wonderful, relaxing plans for the weekend.
Take care,

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  1. Love love LOVE those little owl buttons!! Hoping to get a wee package to you in the next week (slowly recovering.....)


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