Friday, April 10, 2009

Lastest Obsession....Trees.

I have just finished a tree themed swap on craftster, and my partner received. So here is what I made.
A tree pendant. Gold ink painted on stone.A felt door hanger with pockets. I need to make one of these for me next, I am forever misplacing my keys and phone. I think i waste at least ten minutes a day hunting for the silly things... Anyhoo...Fold up shopping bags made (reclaimed) out of old curtain fabric. I used a Japanese bag pattern which was a really good size but i need to work on the dimensions for the folding pockets. My partner likes gum trees in flower. So i made these tea towels with crayon tinting/colouring and embroidery. Zoe did the one on the left and I did the other two.
I was really happy with what I created for this swap, and i hope my partner is too.
Now my sewing room is chaotic and the house a tad (understatement) disorganised, so this Easter weekend I'll be getting some order back to the chaos.
Also our little man turns two on Sunday. We're off to ride trains and eat cupcakes.
Have a great weekend yourselves,


  1. Great Stuff Mel - it's so beautiful!

  2. Oh mel, LOVE all your beautiful shares - the trees are all gorgeous :) Clever you and Zoe with the tea towels! They look fantastic :)
    Happy birthday to Koby! How quickly times flies :)
    Love to you,
    Lusi x

  3. Mel, great works you have produced while I wasn't watching. You'll be my inspiration. Happy B'day Koby, I owe you one! ...
    Now to think seriously about my stash! Don't know if I can go as far as becoming a blogger. Love to you all A.Joan


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