Thursday, March 12, 2009

I close my eyes.....

I am feeling tired and weary and all together Blah,
I know I don't usually post like this and I usually don't like to whinge but I just feel like crap.
I thought I needed sleep but I slept today and I feel worse.
I hope that this will pass,
I feel like my head is alphabet soup and all the letters are there but it makes no sense. Nath says to write it down but it's overwhelming,
My escape has been the Internet and spending hours just surfing, mind numbing, not dealing with anything, blah. The house is a mess, the kids are out of routine (not that we really had one), Nath has no idea what to do either....
Here's what i think i need to do,
Limit the Internet to half an hour every other day, Make up a morning and afternoon routine and stick to it. Put aside time to craft (maybe two evenings a week). Exercise and get those endorphins pumping....
That's the plan.
I hope you are doing better and I am sorry for my self wallowing,

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  1. Hi Mel
    Typing out your Blahs is a great idea. I have typed out many Blahs in my time. You started your typing sounding VERY blah and you ended sounding very positive. If you still feel Blah tomorrow give me a call and I'll bring some coffee and Tim Tams
    Love Pen


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