Friday, March 13, 2009

Swap goodness!

First of all I figure out why i was so Blah yesterday. I'm Fluey. Runny nose, sore throat and blocked ears. So no more feeling sorry for myself, I have some lovelies to show you....
I have just about finished a matchbox swap on craftser. (one partner still to receive).
Basically you decorate a matchbox to your partner's tastes and then fill it with craft supplies, little trinkets etc,

I made this one for monkey_girl from craftster. She likes Zombies and skeletons and such.... I found it quite hard to find stuff for her. I was so excited when I found the ribbon. I think it was her fave as well.

This is the box she sent me. Sparkly, pink with my little pony charms, so very kitch and lovely.

The contents- buttons, caketoppers, Paui shell, charms (a Handbag!), hairclips, so many cool things, i love the cute zombie pic in the top right hand corner, Zo tried to keep that one!

It was such a fun swap to do. I will show you my other matchbox once my partner receives (hopefully soon).

But the sad news is I probably wont be doing too much swapping in the future because of the cost of shipping. I nearly got cross at the post office when the guy said it was $9 to send a 50 gram package to the states. Crazy. I have both Zoe's and Koby's birthdays in April and we are going to be redoing Koby's bedroom as well. So I will be busy with that. I have some great ideas for his room so I'll keep you updated.

Have a great weekend!

Bless, Mel

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  1. You are SO right Mel the skeleton ribbon is just super! But I also love the bracelet & earrings - I'm wearing them both right now:) It will be sad if you can't keep doing swaps because of the cost to send (but I TOTALLY understand - sending to the US/UK from NZ is SO expensive as well!) But if you want to keep doing swaps with someone closer to home (namely across the ditch in NZ) I'd be happy to do personal swaps with you - looking forward to the stamp! Take care xoxxo


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