Friday, April 30, 2010

In the Mail....

I took part in a craft swap hosted by Bec over at fun with a little wise owl. The theme was retro and I finally posted mine out today, only two weeks late. I really hope my partner likes what I've made her. 

Earlier this week I recieved a great swap from Jacqueline at Zippy Zippy
It is a cool folio to keep crafty stuff in... possibly crochet hooks as the funky ladies on the front are in super stylish crocheted suits. And pink too....Is this from a pattern in your collection? You know in all my years of opshopping I have never come across a pair of crocheted pants. Have you? I made a pair out of a table cloth one time but they were deemed a little too saucy to wear... Anywhere.  But if I found a pair like the ones below, I would absolutely wear them. Around the house :)
The very cool front cover. I love pink, I love gingham, I love the flowers.
The inside view. The white part is felt and as you can see already fulfilling it's part as a needle holder. I am hoping to take some embroidery with me to do when we are out and I have a few minutes to myself so the little pockets at the bottom are going to be great for holding all the threads.
Thank you soooooo much Zippy Zippy. I LOVE it!
And Thank you Bec too for hosting the swap.
Well my kids are kind of crazy tonight and I need them to calm down for bed..... Koby why are you sucking on a lime? Ha. now that's sour. Oh I love the faces kids pull when they taste something sour.
So have a great weekend and I hope you get to do lots of fun things.

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  1. Glad the package arrived safe and sound Mel. Now - if you did want a pair of those "slacks" I do have the pattern. It's from a box of treasures I picked up at a garage sale. I copied and printed it onto a piece of calico, the floral print is from my mother-in-laws deceased mother-in-laws stash!


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