Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October Swap Received

I received a lovely package of birthday gifts from Pixieval in the October Birthday swap on craftster.
She sent me a Yo Yo necklace, I've wanted one for ages and this one is gorgeous. My nephew Brax also thought it looked nice so I've had to stitch it back together after he tried to eat it.

The head band is something I've wanted for a while as well. Isn't the colour combo nice? It is a bit warm to wear at the moment as the heatwave will be hitting us again over the next few days....YAY!.... yes I was being sarcastic.
Action shot of the headband. Cool eh?

And she also sent me some lovely fabric. The trains will be for Koby's bag or possibly some panels for a quilt?
The purple is for Zoe and the brown, green and blue floral will be a flowy teired skirt for my.

I love all the things I've gotten in swaps lately. And I have one more that I want to do and then I'll be finshed for a while. I keep harping on about all the things I want to make for me and my family and friends. I even made that massive to do list on the side of the page. I really need to take a break from swapping and focus on other things. I am writing this more for myself so that in a few weeks when that swap I HAVE to do come up- and it will. I will have the self control to say NO.
Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you again really soon.

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