Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kreativ Blog award

I would like to thank Bec from  fun with a little wise owl for the kreativ blog award.
I was so so excited as it is my first blog award so here are the rules to accept this award:
1) Copy the picture and post it on your blog. Done

2) Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog. Done
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
  1. I love drinking Indian Tonic Water on it's own. (family thinks I'm crazy)
  2. I don't like cutting the clover in the backyard because I'm worried the bee population will decrease. Seriously. Did you see the movie? Scary stuff.
  3. I promised Nath that we would never go out in public together wearing the same outfit..... but I plan to buy matching Coogee jumpers for our 20th wedding anniversary just to freak him out. (that episode of Kath and Kim where Kath and Col have a holiday in the airport lounge... LOVE IT)
  4. I love to Bellydance and hope to take classes again next year.
  5. I don't like overtaking when I'm driving.
  6. Shooting paint out of water pistols to make art is ALOT of fun.
  7. I used to play bass guitar in a band with my best friend. We even recorded a demo. But we couldn't ever decide on a name.
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
5) Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6) Notify your 7 bloggers. So my 7 picks are:
Sewing with the sparrows
adventures of a girl from the naki
Sags, Bags, Wrinkles and Clogs
Hippie Kender

And that's me done. Join the love, pass it on and thanks for playing,
Have a great weekend,

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