Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love spring.
We went up to my parents house over the weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and the flowers were all out in bloom. My mum has some amazing plants in her garden and I wished that I had taken my camera with me, but my brother in law did, so I may have to swipe some of his pics. In talking about my mother's garden I have noticed a pattern over the past few years. I seem to buy only pink flowered plants for her. Don't know why i would do that. ?.
The rose in the photo above however is from my garden...
So September.
I am excited because Zoe and I have decided to make her summer wardrobe and are in planning stage. So some questions we need to ask is....
  • What clothes do you need?
  • What clothes need mending?
  • What clothes need altering to extend their life?
  • What clothes can we pass on? either to family or the op shop.

So that is our job for today and hopefully I'll have some answers for you tomorrow. I am hoping that Spotlight still have their McCall's patterns "buy one get one free" because there are a few patterns I'd like to get.

Now off to finish clearing the craft/dining table so we can get some stuff done.

Have a great day,


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