Thursday, June 4, 2009

What the?

Okay, so while blog hopping today I stumbled across this cool kitchy site, in which if I had lots of money, I WOULD spend lots of money at. So what took my eye?
These Bacon Bandaids......

Vegetarian? Maybe you'll appreciate the pickles......

Have a sweet tooth? Yep put a cupcake on that ouchy.

You can buy them HERE.

Haven't been doing too much crafting lately, but I did buy a new bag pattern from Keyka-Lou which I really want to try out. I have this silver vintage blouse I think might work well....Now to find it in the mess.

Am off on a rescue mission, find the blouse, hidden deep in the fabric stash...I hope I still have it!

Take care,



  1. I LOVE it! I checked out this site and I could seriously spend up large there (if I had the coin!) - They have quite a few cool craft and cookbooks I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on!

  2. What will they think of next? Don't ask!!! Love the Bandaids. Hope you find the blouse. Love Mum


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