Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

And a belated Merry Christmas........
Things as usual get crazy around this time of year and I neglected my poor blog.
But I'm back and excited about the new year and everything we want to get done.
I hope you had a great christmas and had fun celebrating the new year.

So what does 2010 hold for you? New years resolutions? I have one this year and I will say it is more of a habit that I want to learn rather than a resolution. I want to get our food sorted. I am sick of takeaway. It seemed like this year take out was more a neccessity than a treat and to be honest I am over pizza, burgers and fish and chips.
I want to organise our weekly menu with healthy fresh food and snacks and also put into place the frame work so I'm not doing the mad five o'clock rush to get dinner in the oven. It's way too stressful. So I will be googling to get some help on this one but if you have any tips or favourite sites or anything I would love you to leave a comment and let me know.

On the crafty side of things I am going to do a fifty list and try and work through it methodically...... something I've never done before but hey let's give it a go.
Also I was thinking of setting myself a fortnightly challenge to help wade through my ever growing stash.
I have some bigger pieces of fabric and was thinking it would be interesting to see how much you can actually make from one piece of fabric, kinda like a one yard wonder type challenge. So at the beginning of the period I'll post a piccie of the fabric and it's measurements and any thoughts I might have on what I want to make from it and then over the fortnight you can see how my progress is going. At the end I'll post some pics of everything together and also link to any tutes I may have used as well. I'll have to think of a snappy name for it and maybe we could do a Mr Linky if you want to play along.
At the moment I'm working on this:

It's flannel and my first time proper quilting and I have been having mini melt downs the whole time I've been making it. I can't get the lines straight and I am so stressed but I need to finish it ASAP. So wish me luck. Lots of luck.

I hope your having a much more relaxed weekend than me,

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