Saturday, June 20, 2009

A week that was....

I'd like to show you all the pretty things I made,
tell you all the interesting things I did,
let you in on some secrets and surprises but...........

I got the flu and did nothing.
Okay, well not nothing.
On Monday, Zoe got a recognition award at school.
On Tuesday, I learnt about the different stages of childhood development.
On Wednesday..... I don't remember...
On Thursday, Koby seemed to be crazy all day, oh and a not so nice old biddy at one of my favourite opshops told me my son was NAUGHTY and should be CHAINED UP.
On Friday, I grumbled about Thursday.
And today, I learnt how to properly look after children and keep them safe.
I've eaten to much fast food, not enough good food and my sinuses are so blocked up I can't taste anything.
I just wanted to say Hi. I hope that your week has been better. I have had my whinge so I am off to bed.
Hugs (from a distance so you don't catch this yukky bug), Mel


  1. Get well soon Mel - lots of people I know have winter colds and flu, I'm almost scared to go into work as so many people are sick!! I can't believe that old biddy at the op shop - HOW RUDE!


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