Friday, June 12, 2009

Easy Peasy Swap-what i received

So this morning I received a great package from Ariane Phillips.
She has awesome sewing skills and we sew a lot of the same kind of things... Mostly bags I think :) So it was hard to think of something that was different to what we usually make. I am thankful that Ariane chose jewellery for me to make her. So this is what she came up with for me.......
This gorgeous cushion. I love the fabric and the size. And it going on the chair in my bedroom (once I clean all the crap off it) It is sewn perfectly and I feel very special to have received it.Close up of the trees/branchy things....And she sent me this pin cushion and sewing machine organiser as well. I adore the fabric.

And of course chocolate...mmmm...canadian chocolate..... We opened the SKOR bar and it is tasty. It's funny because I sent her a violet crumble and she sent me a crunchie (similar) and I sent her a caramello Koala and she sent me Caramilk (similar too!)

I think we were definitely on the same wave length.

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  1. We have crunchie bars in NZ! I thought we were the only ones...


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