Friday, April 17, 2009

Some new inspiration......

I took the kids up to my parents house yesterday. She has rabbits that the kids love to cuddle. And lots of lego (Koby's favourite), which used to be ours when we were kids....Sorry reading that out just spins me out.... my kids are playing with my old toys, I am not sure whether that is a reflection on how quick time has past or if I am feeling old... i think both.
Did I tell you I'm turning responsible this year?...Yep, thirty. Pause, for inward contemplation, Oh so scary......

Anyhoo, I will push that aside for a bit and tell you the story I started out.

Zoe and I went into town to look for beads, and I found a local bookstore. A bit trendy looking and such. We went in and a nice lady asked what we were looking for. "The craft section" I answered, as if it would be anything else. She ushered us to a corner where there were a few ladies chatting, one sitting on the floor flicking through a book. "A specific book?" "Meet me at Mike's" The lady on the floor closed the book she was browsing and handed it it to me. And of course it was

"Oh sorry" I said. "No, you have it," she answered, (it was the only copy). "Are you sure? You had it first". "No you'll probably make something out of it before I ever would" she replied.

Well I haven't but I wanted to say I am in LOVE with this book. The projects are well set out, there is a great variety of projects and there are so many photos of vintage goodness, you can't help but smile at every page. Here is their BLOG.

We have a busy day ahead, so I'll be off,

Have a great day,


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  1. Hi Mel! Don't worry about being 30 this year - I am too! Wanted to stay that book looks absolutely stunning - I WANT it too but I'm meant to be getting rid of stuff at the moment....but I could do with some more ideas;) I see you've put a link to my blog on your page - thanks so much!


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