Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty Stuff.

I made this for another swap... yes that's all I do at the moment... make swappy things.....
And I am thinking I should do a tute for it, so hopefully later this week when I get some time, I'll get some action shots....
So this is a portfolio to put cards in.
I think it is a lovely gift to give when you want to get them something, but don't really have a lot of cash to spend on presents. Also a great way to use up some of your STASH. (Yes I made it for Jodie for the Small Destash Swap, on Craftster)
Inside, Pretty simple, I made mine to fit A6 size cards. The cards I sent with folio. The owl stamps are my sister's and I should probably give them back to her soon...but I love them. And I can't remember what company made them to get my own set. I think there are limitless ideas for decorating the folios. Embroidery, applique, or just a lovely piece of fabric and a vintage button.

We are on school holidays for the next two weeks and I am hoping to do some crafty things with Zoe, I really want to do paper mache and I found some fabric dye, so hopefully some tie dying as well. We haven't started on Koby's room yet (He is going from the cot to a big bed!). So hopefully we can get some stuff done towards that as well.
Life is hectic as always, but i dare say I am looking forward to sleeping in and not having to worry about packing lunches.
Till the next time,

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