Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Week of Pink.

I finally finished the pink sparkly, girly swap on craftster and my partner received so now i can show you what I've been busy making and stressing over. (will she like them? Are they good enough- you know the usual stuff)
This is the front of the covered box I made to package the earrings.

This is the inside view of the box and all the earrings I made. (note my very blurry self portrait in the fake mirror)
A close up of the earrings a different pair for each day of the week.
I think my favourite are the dice and the hot pink ones for Sunday.
I had so much fun making all these earrings. You know how you just get in the groove/zone and you just keep making all these pretty things. I call it "craft land".
"mumma's in craft land again" says Zoe.

Okay so last but not least a pic to make you smile.
Too cute, Have a great day,

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