Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sparkly Pouches.

This is one of the other things i made for my last swap, some pouches for my partner to store her PSP in. I used to think that lined Zippered pouches were hard, anything with a zipper was hard (well some zippers still are a bit tricky right?) But then I found this awesome tute.Once you've made one or two, you can easily alter the size to whatever you like with the same results.
I put the glitter star decoration on the front of each pouch. I used to do a lot like this when i was at tafe. You get some PVC Tablecloth plastic cut it into shape. Tack the corners and sew a straight stitch around the outside, leave a little gap to put the glitter in and then sew gap shut.
My machine decided at the last minute that it didn't want to sew the plastic, so i ended up hand sewing around the whole thing.
I think it still worked out okay.
I am working on a bag for my next swap, pleats, zippers, loveliness (mcook I'm trying not to give too much away) and i would like to post another recipe this week but I'll see how time permits,
Have a great week to come and PENNY, I hope buddy gets better soon.


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