Sunday, March 13, 2011

Freedom Sunday. Not For Sale

At church this morning we talked a little about an important movement that is going on all over the world.
Today is Freedom Sunday where we stand up and say enough is enough!
But of what? I hear you saying..... Human trafficing and slavery throughout the world.
So this has been on my heart from sometime and is a passionate cause for a lot of people I know. And the more I learn the more I want to do to help abolish slavery throughout the world.
I watched a program that Lindsay Lohan did about children in India and the conditions some of the child slaves lived in. It broke my heart to see children as young as four or five working long hours to make trinkets that will be sold globally. Or to see young girls the same age as Zoe be taken away and made to work in the brothels and sex industry. It really does make me sick and breaks my heart that any child should be put in that situation.
Please have a look at the Freedom Sunday Website. And read some of the testimonies in the resource section and think about how this affects your everyday life.
There is a pledge to fast for the day and give the money that you would have spent on food to go towards the various programs they run throughout the world. I decided not to do that but have pledged that this year I will be buying fair trade coffee and tea as well as fair trade chocolate. I will also be donating money throughout the year as well.
We can no longer stand by and let this happen.
I know my posts are not usually this full on but the more I read and talk about this the more it moves me to take action.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and if you have time please check out the website.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs Baukje

  2. so true! enough is enough, i am so passionate about this, thanks for posting. i love to hear about ways we can make a difference:)


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