Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogtober-Day Two- Make Me Today.

Easy Envies

Ever wondered what to do with those old magazines and collection of interesting papers and kid's artworks that are too nice to throw away but you just don't have space to keep them anymore?
Make them into Envelopes! Let's put a smile on the postman's face as he delivers all these lovely envelopes. As well of course, the actual recipient of said mail :)
This is re purposing at it's best. And it really doesn't take long.

These envelopes fit an A6 size piece of paper (or A5 paper folder in half)
You Will Need:
*Heavy Cardstock, Card Board or Cereal Box
*Magazines, kid's artworks, scrapbooking paper or even just Printer paper.
*Envelope Template
*Scissor and Craft Knife and Ruler
*Glue Stick, Double sided sticky tape or normal sticky tape
*Pen or Pencil

Download the PDF HERE

Now Print out Template onto normal paper. Glue it onto your cardstock/cardboard and cut around the outside.

Next cut out the middle piece so you then have two pieces like this:

Use the middle of piece one as a view finder to find a nice picture for the front of your envelope. I happened to find this cute Blythe picture in the magazine.

Now trace around the outside of the template and cut around it.  You can see I rounded the top corner of my template after I scanned it. Just trace around the edge of a coin in the top corner to get the same effect.
You will now have the shape for the envelope.
Turn your envelope over and put the template back over the top.
Yes another cute Blythe on the back. It was hard to choose which one to have on the front.... But anyhoo.
Now place piece two into the hole and then while holding piece two in place, remove piece number one from the envelope.

Now to the folding........
Fold the two short sides into the middle first using piece two as the guide. Then fold the bottom and then lastly the top.

Now take piece two out of the envelope and crispen up the folds by going over them with your finger or a bone folder or credit card.
Time now to glue. Add double sided sticky tape where I have on the sides in the photo (you can also use glue or just use normal sticky tape on the outside)
Press edges to stick glue.....
And your done!
Pretty envelopes for everyone YAY!!!!!!

I hope you have a lot of fun making envelopes to match your letters and cards. This is a great way to recycle and be creative with out too much effort. So have fun.

Please Note
This is not my original idea. I was given a template years ago by my friend and she showed me this method. I do not know who made the original one how ever this is my version. Please use this for personal use only and I would love a link back if you make some and post it on your blog.
When sending envelopes through the mail, make sure that they are securely glued so as they get to the destination in one piece, I do use sticky tape to close them.
Also make sure your address can be seen clearly. I glue a white label or piece of paper on top.

Thanks again for stopping by on this second day of Blogtober. Have a great weekend and I will be back tomorrow


  1. That is a way cool idea. And I love the Blythe dolls!

  2. I've made envelopes from calendars; I wonder why I hadn't though to make them from magazine pages before.
    Thanks for sharing your methods.

  3. Thanks for sharing,was just sorting through the boys art work - have not tossed any though (too Hard) now I know what I am going to do with them!


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