Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How quickly they grow

We are currently spending a lot of time at my parents house as we are getting a new bathroom put in and I have been going through some of the photos on my mums computer and I found this picture of my beautiful Zoe, taken about this time ten years ago. You really don't realise how blessed you are until you realise that these same beautiful eyes still look at you just like this.

She changed my life and made it better.


  1. Zoe does have beautiful eyes. I agree life changes so fast. Seems like it was only a few days ago that my kids were little. Now they are all adults. And the funny thing is I haven't changed a bit! LOL at least in my mind.

  2. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! My closets are well.. coming along! I had great intentions and then after the first one - I slowed down. It is summer here and things are so busy! I want to continue soon!

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  4. I haven't visited you before but I'm so glad I did today to see this gorgeous photo! Isn't she a precious angel? I bet she still is. Doesn't the time fly? I love your last sentence as this is exactly how I feel about my kids. They give us so much don't they? Have a happy day x


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