Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You Liz!!!!!!

I was having a bad day, the kids were being crazy, i was rushing off to school to pick up Zoe and when I opened the front door there was a package on the front step.
I wasn't expecting anything and when I saw who the package was from I did my front door happy dance.
Remember my sew mama sew giveaway last year? Well the winner was the beautiful Liz. And she has sent me a belated thank you gift and some lovely vintage fabric and Rick rack *love*
The fabric....
The gorgeous little clutch with tiny umbrellas on the fabric. I love it!
Thank you so much Liz,
I am very grateful!


  1. Hi Melanie

    Just popping in to say thank you so much for the vintage crafty books, love the embroidery ones!!! I spent my plane ride home going through them all. They will have a very special place on my bookshelf. I might even take them to the next Brown Owls to show them off!

    Love your blog by the way! Hope to meet you in person next time I'm down your way.

    Rebecca x


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