Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Did I mention I like pink?

I made a few cards this week for birthdays and I am pretty proud of how they turned out.
I find that in all my card making, I tend to lean towards a pink palette.

I once worked for a designer who for a year and a half, whenever she closed her eyes saw hot pink, and thus that years collections were predominately pink, lucky everyone else was in love with pink that year too!
When you craft, what colour do you find you work with the most? And is it your favourite?


  1. I probably lean towards blues, greens and purples. Yes, those are my favo(u)rites. When making clothes for my daughter I lean more towards pinks and yellows (her favs). My son loves blue, so that's easy for me.

  2. Personally I love black and red (as you know!) - but when I craft for other people often things end up being blue!

  3. I tend to steer towards royal purple but all jewel colours catch my eye. These are certainly my favourites.

    I love your cards, I really like hot pink and definately prefer it to baby or barbie pink :D


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