Saturday, March 6, 2010

Piccie's of last weekends wedding

Last weekend I showed you the bag that I made for my friends wedding. We were up early for hair and make up and the day just seemed to fly by. It ended up being a really lovely day and here are a few piccies.
The wedding was on the beach and as I whinged previously I was not happy with the bright colour of my dress. But on the day, it seemed to work with the other colours she had in her scheme. It was a beautiful summer's afternoon and the service was just lovely.

The bridal party, photo above by Pez.

A piccie of the bride and I. We actually met eleven years ago when we did a fashion course together. She now makes really pretty headware, amongst other things, and she made both of the one's we are wearing.

And last but not least, a piccie of me and my man.

I have a hectic week coming up, I hope that things are peaceful and quiet for you. Have you been crafty lately? Leave me a link I'd like to see what you've been up to. I really don't think I am going to have any head space for anything creative this week. I am working and looking after my neice who is 18 months old (as well as Koby no fear) and I have some prep to do for some craft classes I'm teaching over the next few weekends.
Have a good week,


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. And the beach make me longing for summer. Here it's still cold but you can smell spring.......

  2. Mel, I just love this picture. I think you need to frame it and hang it in your house. It's just adorable. :)


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