Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas cards, Zoe style.

Zoe asked if we could go shopping and buy Christmas cards for her to hand out to her classmates and friends. I told her that I had more than enough paper and things for her to make cards with at home and that I wasn't spending unneccessary money on store bought cards this year.
So the production line began.......

After some pretty beads and kindy glitz we were ready to assemble.

They turned out great and she was really happy with them.
She handed them out today and got lots of compliments from her friends.
Well done Zoe!


  1. The cards are beautiful ... the compliments are well deserved.

  2. Good for her!
    And good for you for not spending the money on store-bought cards :D

  3. Wow - I love the handmade cards! Just beautiful. It's such a good feeling to make your own.

  4. Beautiful cards, where did you buy the stamp? You have sent me also a card with stamped birds, so lovely. Do you remember where you bought this cute stamp?


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