Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogtober-Day Five

I am very influenced by subliminal advertising. Or The Ottobre Debate.
I have to admit it. I blog surf and find all these things that people are doing, what people are using and think, "Oh I really need that"
There are a lot of people who use Ottobre patterns and get very excited about using them (which is all good) and so I thought, hey I should use them too.
Fair enough but to order copies in Australia you pay upwards of $22 plus postage for them and if you subscribe directly to Ottobre you get six issues for around AUD$100 per year. (that is 4 child and 2 women issues).
I am still undecided as to whether or not I will subscribe. $100 is a lot of money and if I worked it out I would realistically only spend $40 a year on commercial patterns, not including opshop found patterns. So if I were to subscribe I really couldn't justify buying any other patterns commercial or otherwise.
I do wonder if the principle that applies to cook books "you will only ever cook eight to ten recipes from that cook book" (about 25%)., would also apply to pattern books. If so that makes for very expensive patterns. But then the clothes are so cute and fashion forward and the woman's sizing doesn't stop at size 16 (yep I am at size 18 at the moment....bloody hormones) and the clothes look proportioned and lovely and.... I could go on.
So I am still having the internal discussion about whether or not I should subscribe, I really want to but at the end of the day would I really get that much sewing done?

What do you think?
I'd love to hear your thoughts, also is there anything your undecided on? Maybe I can help you decide.

Oh and if you want to check out Ottobre yourself click HERE

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  1. I say buy it even if it is just for your own enjoyment. We woman always feel like we have to justify every purchase it seems like a curse of woman. Men don't think that way they buy things just because they want it. Even if you never make one thing out of Octobre just looking at it gives you wonderful ideas and great enjoyment and just makes for a happier life and I think that is priceless.


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