Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtober Day 13

Happy Mail.
I bought this book off Amazon because one of her skirts (from the book) was a free pattern on Burdastyle. And I really liked the simple style of it. This is the one I'm talking about.
I haven't taken any pics of the inside of the book but the basic premise is that designer Wenlan Chia of the fashion label Twinkle, has shared some of her favourite runway looks with us, the patterns are all in PDF form on a disk, so you print out the patterns kinda like the Burdastyle patterns. All instructions are in the book and there are some helpful illustrations. I haven't had a look at the disk yet but feel some what out of my depth as there a lots of pleats, tucks, and other intricate detailing that I wouldn't normally use. Mainly because I'm into instant gratification. Quick and easy makes.
There are skirts, sacks  oops dresses, tunics and tops.
I am not 100% sold on it and a little disappointed, My expectations were different. I would like to try a few of the dresses and skirts though. My only fear is that the pattern for each garment will use upwards of 30 sheets of paper and I will be spending more time waiting for the pattern sheet to print than actually sewing the garment up. (the free skirt has 52 pages to print out) I decided to leave it for another day. When I am rich or have an everlasting supply of toner for my printer.
So am I recomending it?
Not yet. I think you have to wiegh up the cost of buying some Vogue patterns with the cost of printing out the patterns. Toner and Paper etc.
Sorry. I really am in two minds about it.

In other news tomorrow is my 100th post so please click back as I am going to a hold a giveaway to celebrate.

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