Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Kind over matter
I found this website today that promotes random (and not so) acts of kindness. They have great printable cards that you can give to people in the street. Great inspirational photos and just great inspiration in general. They also do a great etsy round up with adorable themes. Oh and giveaways, lots of giveaways!
Please have a look, you will be inspired.

I am also loving these painted rocks at the moment.
Aren't they cool? They are made by Kim Mailhot, and she gives a tutorial on her blog.
I definitely think I should make some of these.

Well I hope I have inspired you a little today. What are you up to today? I am actually in cleaning mode. I know, double take, motivation has hit. Nath says my style of cleaning is to just move all the crap from one place to another. Which is true, that's what I do. But now I have actual proper homes for it all and I am actually even throwing things out!
I am so excited by this and am like a little kid who keeps going "look, look, look" "I'm doing it".
I think that will wear a little thin by this evening though, so I will stop with them and be back to show you, show you, show you how I'm going tomorrow.

Have a lovely day,

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