Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kid's Craft and Swap-Koby.

I've been a bad blogger. I do appoligise and have valid excuses but I won't bore you with them at this very moment.
We joined in on the Kid's craft and swap last month and had a great time swapping crafts and lollies, etc.
I decided to join both Zoe and Koby up. Today I'll show you Koby's (and my) efforts and what his lovely partner Molly, from England, sent him.
First up, a felt Tiara, modelled so nicely by Koby. He decorated it with gems and glitter.A handpainted bag which Koby and his toy trains decorated.Hand beaded room decorations. Koby strung the beads on to the pipe cleaners. Molly loves Disney Princesses.
T'shirt with appliqued Yoyos.
Ribbon Skirt Tree Pendant for Molly's mum and a name neclace for MollyAnd Koby recieved from Molly and her mum. Pinkmichk.
Handpainted tshirt.K pillow, door knob sign, train, decorated paint brush container filled with brushes and hairclips for Zoe.Painted Wooden train. Koby decided this tool would be good to wash it with.And this gorgeous painted pillowcase.
It was a great swap and we had lots of fun being messy crafty together.

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