Thursday, July 2, 2009

I like to YoYo

I have always looked at Yoyos and said yes, one day I will make some of them. And finally I did!
Use this tute. It is really helpful.
So am I addicted to making yoyos now?....maybe..... I would love to make this bag out of Yoyos but I may loose interest half way through making the 74 yoyos you need. hmmm..

Did I mention I am not good at large, or long projects?
If I can't make it in a few days I wont usually finish it. I guess I need that immediate crafty gratification. How about you? Can you take the long hall and make an entire quilt? or do you prefer quick and easy projects that you can see the final result sooner?

We have been crafting for another swap on craftster. I'll share more of that with you soon but i will say Koby loves "painting" using his trains and cars.


  1. I am all about instant gratification. If my project takes longer than, say, a week it will never get finished.
    That handbag is very cute though.

  2. Ha! We are the same Mel! I hate long projects! Even though I am tempted to try and sew a quilt... but I am afraid it would be a waste of time and money because I would get 1/2 way through and stop.

  3. Love the yoyos Mel!
    Oh my gosh I am terrible at anything that takes a while to make. Although just got my package of fabrics and bits and pieces to make some modern cloth nappies so we'll see how that goes! lol :)
    Love to you all,
    Lus x


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