Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inchies Round Three

So I made some more inchies for the inchies swap on craftster. I used some new techniques and tried to think outside my norm just a bit. So here they are....

I used some story books from the sixties and seventies that i was given and also bought a few from the op shop. There was this lovely book with these really cute children's faces so I thought...inchies...I put a black border around them and they looked complete.

Totoro inchies using Korean paper (i had no japanese) with red totoros, Thanks to Jo for the stamps from her trip to Japan last year. Also a good magazine I found to use for inchies is Frankie. They have some great images and articles to cut up for the words. I love Frankie magazine so it was hard to cut up.

The bottom half of this series.The water colours were from some paintings in my sketchbook, and the naughty/nice are printed sticky tape for the Japanese book store. *Love*

And that's what I've been working on lately. I hope to show you what I've received so far and will hopefully put up pics over the next few days.

So you've seen what I've been doing and I hope that I may have inspired you to try some for yourself.

Have a great Day, Mel

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