Friday, May 1, 2009

Fabric ATC's

This week I completed a swap on Craftster on Fabric ATCs. Which are artist trading cards, like mini artworks that you swap with people. They are 3.5" by 2.5".
I can't show you the one's i made because they got deleted off my camera before i could download them...grrrrr.... But they were made of felt and one was a cute strawberry figurine and the other was a spring flower.
These are the ones I recieved.
From attackofthequacks: This one definately reminds me of Zoe. I think I am going to frame it and put it in her room.This one is from mcbenno, Koby has a lion that he has in his bed named roar. So this will go in his room

We hadn't really communicated too much about likes/dislikes, and only had the usual places to find out about each other, so i find it interesting that they were able to send some that are so me.

I am not sure if i will make them again, but atleast now i tick it off as another thing I've tried.

Sewing room progress? you ask.... We'll I have chucked some paper stuff and sorted out a couple of boxes and the over locker is back to it's place, so progress is happeneing, slowly... My lovely friend Pen suggested I should just move the dining table into the craft room and set up all the craft stuff in the dining room and then there would be alot more space. Clever woman... I don't know if I can convince the husband though......

Have a great weekend, doing what your doing, I am going to be an aunty again any minute...*So exciting* Hopefully there will be gratuitous baby pics early next week.



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  1. I like the lion - he's super cute! I've been thinking of trying ATC's myself...humm...maybe net swap:)


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