Monday, December 1, 2008

Aaaauurrrggghhhhh! It's December already...

Okay, is is just me or did November just fly by?

First of all i want to show some cards i made for birthdays last month.
I love the cupcake ones the most. I used inqueboutique stamps. My favourite new thing to do is swaps. I have limited myself to one a month. So I'll take turns alternating between craftster and my yahoo groups. I've decided it's a good way to try out techniques and patterns that i have wanted to try but haven't had the motivation to try yet. I have also decided that i am only using fabric from my stash and not buying anymore till my fabric collection goes from six plastic crates down to four. (but don't hold me to it :) )
This bag below is my most recent swap make for a lady in Florida, USA. It was a secret Santa swap and i found it difficult because i only had a limited amount of info about her likes and dislikes. If it had been a normal swap i would have probably asked her a bunch of questions.
I used a pattern, Butterick 3282, view A. I didn't realise it had a dividing pocket, so i was excited because i have never made a bag like this before. I also haven't done a set in zipper in the lining like this either but the instructions were easy to follow and if you need something more visual there are a few tutorials on craftster as well.
Thank you sexy hand model husband for your help in showing off the inside of the bag.

Things I may change for next time. I added the key clip to the inside of this bag and i think it needs a patch pocket for your mobile phone as well. The straps could be about two inches longer but you would need to add that to the middle of the pattern as they are curved.
I am overall pleased with this bag and i really hope that the person receiving it loves it.
Next post i will show you the bag i received from my secret Santa!
I hope you stay calm and well during the next few crazy weeks,

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