Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long time no post!

Wow, time goes so quickly when your busy. I have been working, and a lot of crazy stuff has been going on. So to summarise in point form, not necessarily in order of importance......

* Koby is walking! He is taking incredible steps and is so very proud of himself. he still likes to crawl to get there quickly as running is still about a week or so away. but i just can't get over how fast he is growing up.
* Zoe got a citizenship award at school for being a good student. We didn't get to go the assembly as she was vomiting from gastro the night before. But another great achievement for he and again i am soooooo very proud of my girl.
* Nathan is working every single day this month. which i am not happy about. he is not happy about. but he is doing as a favour so his boss can get organised for her wedding at the end of the month. grrrrrr.
* counselling is going well. we have only had one session together and a few apart but i have found it really helpful and are trying to express my emotions and not bottle them up.
* I have finished working for the moment and hope to concentrate more on my studies and creative stuff. And get some order back into this incredible chaos that is our house.
* I bought some great books from amazon, lots of sewing ones. and two by Peter Walsh, the clutter guy. so i am itching to start makin and sortin and organizin and will post my efforts.

So i am excited about this week and hope that you have a good one too,

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