Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I Shoud Be......

Tomorrow is the birthday party.
It was supposed to be sunny and now more rain is forecast.... it has been raining twelve days straight.
So now i am trying to figure out how to have an outside fairy party inside.
Things i should be doing but are procrastinating and writing this instead.
* cleaning the bathroom.
* tidying up all the kids stuff.
* Finishing Zoe's fairy skirt ( i made the foofy underskirt lace about 20cm too long so i'm not sure how to fix it)
*cutting out fairy wand shapes (for our craft)

There are other things as well but i won't bore you with the details.

Thank you Jane for fairy wings.
Thank you mums for all your help!
Thank you Zozo for making your own birthday cake.
Thank you kobytron for unpacking and messing things up faster than i can put them away.
Oh he can't walk yet, thank goodness but he can open the back door crawl around to the side gate and open it so he can crawl out to the front of the house and if he had the chance, onto the road. I have so underestimated the brain of a one year old boy.
I will put up some photos of the whole day.
wish me luck,
xx mel

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