Monday, April 7, 2008

New week, new priorities.

So I'm working for the next month and a half so the sewing room will have to wait. BUT i will absolutely do it end of May. Promise!
I have no idea if anyone actually reads my posts, if you do leave me a comment, even if its just, "your blog is boring",......
So if you are reading here is my rant for this morning.......

This week is youth week and there is a particular focus this year on Youth homelessness and it's effect on our city but more importantly, what can we do as a city, to get rid of it.
There is a documentary showing on ABC1 this Thursday evening after the news and then there will be a debate about what to do and how to move forward with such plans and goals in mind.
Should be quite interesting. I will be taping it. So if you could watch it. i think it would be good. even if just to get a fresh perspective on something that you hear about but don't actually know about, but maybe you do.

We are so lucky to have people who love us, a dry safe place to call home, food, water and other such luxuries. i know i take it for granted way too often.

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  1. omgosh melanie! just found your blog mate and how weird - at lunch on sunday at church i was talking to your mum about the oasis doco - i watched it and thought it was FABULOUS - a real insight :)
    we not only have our birth dates close but i bet we have a stack load of other things in common too!
    much love,
    lusi x


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