Friday, February 29, 2008

The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding Things....

Hi. My Name is Mel. I am a twenty nine year old mother of two, who is trying to get organised, routinised ( my word) and make sense out of the hectic whirlwind that is my life.

So this is it. my online accountability program for my self and who ever would like to join me.

A little about me, I am married, coming up to nine years now. I have a seven year old and a ten month old and since my beautiful boy came along, all sanity seems to have flown out the window.
Things were so much easier to work around with one child. But then the Kobytron (our nickname for number two) came along and i haven't been able to make heads or tails of anything since. I am not saying that having another child has ruined my life, on the contrary, but finding a balance and how everything fits back together still makes my head spin.
So the house is a complete mess. and not the kind of mess that you see when you go to your friend's house and it's spotless and they say "oh sorry about the mess" and you politely laugh and say " don't worry, you should see my house!" and then there is more polite laughter. but you both know that it does indeed look like a bomb went off and scattered washing, toys and your half finished craft projects all over the house...
But any way... Have been watching daytime talk shows and a certain king of declutter said, a place for everything and everything in it's place.
SO that is my aim. one of them anyway. to get the house clean so i do feel comfortable inviting people in.
Another is to get the routine thing happening. The walking round in a daze must stop.
SO i will give you updates, you are most welcome to give me advice and feedback and hopefully I'll get better at this whole time management thing.
Thanks for reading this far and please check back for updates.

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  1. i can totally relate and we have only just this past couple of months really felt like things are getting more organised around here.
    have you checked out the flylady website? i haven't done the actual program but i got HEAPS of tips from it! Also on the scrap of faith forum about december we have a massive long thread going there about decluttering and organising called 'spring cleaning' in the nonscrap chat. not sure if they would help but....
    take care of yourself mate :)
    lusi x


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