Friday, July 8, 2011

Chaos is my middle name.

Hi!Is it just me or is this year going crazy quick?
My original intention for my melmakespretty blog was to have some accountability for my messy life and also a place to show what I do (all be it, only occasionally) make.
That was all going well but lately I have turned back to bad habits. See below for the incriminating photos..............
This is my sewing/craft/storage room. I had a hutch on top of the desk on the left but I decided to give it to my sister to help organise her sewing desk. I originally had another hutch to give to her but I had to chuck it away as it was quite water damaged from being stored in my carport.
I really do need to reorganise everything anyway.
 I had this bookcase that I wasn't using so I am going to put it on top of my desk to store everything in. All my paper craft stuff anyway. I would love to modgepodge it with pretty papers and fabric but that may be a project for when the weather gets a bit warmer. 
So wish me luck. I am giving myself till Tuesday to have it completely clean and reorganised. (I am having some friends over that day. Coincidence, no? )
More photos to come,
I hope you are well,
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Oh I know that feeling!! I think for me living in an apartment is a good thing - a small space makes acquiring too much stuff difficult. Love your header BTW - very pretty:D


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