Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy December!

Hi there.
Long time no blog eh?
Well since my last post I have been feeling a lot better. I am taking some super strength vitamins as well as doing all that healthy stuff...... eating better, sleeping more, exercising etc. So my energy levels have come back up. YAY!!!!!!! I am making a point of not overloading myself with too many commitments as well.

Our lovely Layla is settling in to life with us quite well and she has been consistently waking me up at 6 am every morning by patting me on the head and then headbutting me until I get up and make her breakfast. Chicken wings to her are like chocolate covered strawberries to me..... you can never have enough. She is so cuddly and smoochy and loves sitting with you. We are really enjoying her company.

On Tuesday night mum and I went to my mother in laws church for a gingerbread house making night.
Here are our beautiful houses......
Mine is pretty and very colourful with a row of gummy bears around the bottom. (it is also filled with gummy bears as well- a happy surprise for the hubby and kids)

And here is the side view....
of course I had to have a tree growing up the side.

And here is mum's. She went for a more traditional classic look....
And the back.....
Isn't the Holly cute?
We did not make them from scratch but made them from a kit which I think is a lot better if you don't have time to make oodles of gingerbread. We had a great time and I would recommend it to everyone.
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and I can't wait to read how everyone is going with their christmas plans.
Have a great day,


  1. Wow, they are super cute.....

  2. Merry Christmas Mel.:) I hope that flu bug leaves soon. I love your Gingi houses, super cute. Hugs and take care. :)

  3. Happy New Year for you and your family.. Hope your oma is not too ill... I'll ask my friend if she could translate the oliebollenrecipe in english for you.


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