Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogober Day Four-Needing some inspiration.

One of my crafty partners in crime Penny, is holding a craft day raising funds for Breast Cancer research. It is at the end of the month so I have a few weeks to prepare but her costume challenge this year is to buy the biggest ugliest second hand (or brand new but really cheap) Bra and decorate it.
I was thinking feathers. Hot pink of course.
Maybe gluing fabric flowers all over it?
Ring pulls from soda cans?
Gloves sewn on to look like hands covering the girls?
A quick search on etsy led me to this beauty. It has potential.
But I'd better get cracking what ever I do. I see a lot of hand sewing in my future.

Original can be found here.

You are all creative and full of Witty ideas.
i would love your input.

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  1. wow buttons buttons buttons! it looks fantastic...although I probably wouldn't have the tassle so big but that's just me!
    good luck! and happy blogtoberfest!


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