Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why do I give away all the good stuff?

I made this bag for the Swap I participated in hosted by Bec from fun with a little wise owl.
Isn't it cute.
As I mention in this previous post. The theme was Retro. I was given some fabric from one of the ladies at church and this print jumped out at me immediately. It reminds me a little of Amy Butler's new Love collection. So I thought it was perfect for the theme. I used KeykaLou's charm school hand bag pattern and I would recommend it to everyone. It isn't a hard pattern to follow and the steps are quite easy but there are a lot of steps that you need to really concentrate on what your doing. Don't rush this bag. Take your time and you well get great results.
My partner to send to was the wonderful Narelle. And I got an email from her to say that she loves the bag and she is off on holidays overseas and will be taking it with her.
 I am so excited about that! I get a rush when I know someone appreciates what you make them and also uses it as well. I hate when you spend a lot of time making some thing and the person says they like it and then you find out they've never used it, worn it and it's hidden away in the cupboard. It is almost an insult. Harsh I know but that's how I feel. What about you?

I will definitely making this bag up for me, unfortunately I don't have enough of this fabric to make another one, but maybe I'll make it out of my "no spend FAIL" matryoshka fabric instead.

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  1. Hey Mel!
    The bag & I are having a fabulous time in Europe.
    I will be blogging about it when I get home.
    Thanks again.


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