Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A quick card

I made this thank you card from Amy Butler scrapbooking paper and some of my Stampin Up goodies.
I just wanted to share because I love this paper and unusual card layout.

I am busy crafting for swaps and have had a few epic fails BUT i will post pics of the good stuff as soon as I am finished and partners recieve.
I have to go as Koby is making dinner (Bacon and Eggs) and he loves cracking the mess, NOT
Just walked into the kitchen to find this....
Four cracked eggs, almost shell free. I think Zoe may have helped. No wait, she has corrected me and only helped with one. Oh also I do the stove cooking but the kids do all the rest, just so you don't have visions of me letting Koby flip bacon and eggs in a pan. Not quite old enough to be a mini masterchef yet, but his egg cracking skills are way better than mine, :)

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  1. LOVE the card! Bacon and eggs... yummy! Have fun!


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