Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A lovely surprise.

Dad gave me a disk of old pictures he had transferred from slides to digital images. And I was pleasently suprised to see this picture of my  house from about thirty five to forty years ago.
I am going to get it printed and hang a copy somewhere in the house.


  1. I knew I hadn't "seen" you in a while so it's good you're still around.

    I love the old photos I have and I treasure all of them. I'm trying to scan them all as a gift for my siblings so we all have a copy.

    This is a beautiful photo ... your dad was a great photo and the black and white of this is so expressive.

  2. what a great photo! and thank you so much for the buttons! they are so exactly what i was after, ill post a photo of the finished creation. ;)


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