Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's finished!

I finally finished the cot quilt I was working on. *insert large sigh of relief here* I think it may be quite a bit larger than a cot quilt but to be honest with you, it was more than six months ago that I was given the panel and asked to make it into a quilt so I doubt the intended baby is still actually in the cot.
So here it is....... please be kind.......

It's flannel. And I did not know before I started how hard flannel was to sew and how much harder it is to quilt and how REALLY expensive it is to buy good quality quilting flannel in Australia, let alone coming into spring. (not much variety)
I found some helpful information on sewing flannel here. But that was after I started sewing. So in true Mel style I muddle my way thourgh it and yes it is wonky.....but I kinda like it. One thing I adore is how soft and lovely flannel is to touch. I would absolutely make one for myself, but I would get it professionally quilted. Who needs the stress right?
I will be giving it to the lady tomorrow and I so very am nervous about what she will say about it. She bought the center panel when she was on Holidays in America in July last year. Just in case she hates it I did find an online store who sells the panel and so I can buy her a new one. I think I am being quite paranoid but I really don't have any clue what she will think of it.
So now that is over I can focus on other projects.
I have been working on a list of sorts but need to focus on making a bag for my friend who is getting married at the end of feb. I'll keep you posted on that one.
I hope you are well and are having a creative and productive week.


  1. I don't think it looks wonky at all! And obviously you know the little "oppsies", but to the normal eye - nobody will notice. It looks great and I am sure she will love it! Great job!

  2. Beautiful colors!

    I was surprised when you commented on my blog ,that you know the Dutch word for grandmother.
    How do you know this? Do you have Dutch family/friends?
    If you want we could do a swap for the matryoshka fabric that you liked on my pictures. I could send you one fat Q of each and something handmade .....?????


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