Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogtober Day 11

I am up to my ears in debt.
Actually it is piled high above my head and reaches further than I can imagine.
Not monetary debt as such but craft debt. You know when you promise someone you'll make something for them and then don't quite get around to doing it. I stumbled upon Ginger's blog and read this post and realised yes, that is me. So many promised unfinished projects.
So I've decided to list them and then cross them off as I go.
  1. Matryoshka swap items-to be sent before 23rd of October.
  2. Jemima's twirly dress (supposed to be late christmas present)
  3. Hayley's Birthday bag (her birthday was in August)
  4. Nikki's handbag (requested in feb)
  5. Zoe's summer dresses (were supposed to be made in september)
  6. The flannel cot quilt.......that is a whole other me.
I'm sure there are other things I have forgotten and will probably remember as time goes on but I think for the moment that's a big enough chunk to chew through for the time being.

The kitchen tea went really well and our bride to be had a great time catching up with friends and got some really great pressies too. I ended up having to sit down with Koby asleep on my lap, poor thing, he was really tired from a big and busy week.
So I'm off to bed, but if your in craft debt let me know we can craft our way out of it together.
xo Mel

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