Saturday, August 15, 2009

The GOOD fabric.

So I am a hoarder.
There I said it. Put it out there. Now to deal with it...
I love finding unusual, pretty fabric and after washing it fantasise over what it will become. Sometimes I buy fabric with a specific purpose, sometimes I impulsively HAVE TO HAVE IT... NOW!
It is hard to cut into the GOOD fabric and sometimes I just can't decided what to make.
Will it show off the fabric well?
Will I botch the cutting or the making of it?
So many questions that lead to me inevitably putting it back into one of my storage boxes and letting it just sit.
I finally got up the courage to make something out this fabric. I bought it in June at the quilt show from the Patchwork on Central Park stand. It's Japanese fabric so wasn't cheap and it's only 30cm wide.
I bought Keyka-Lou's Half Moon Handbag. Since it is a smallish bag I was able to get all the pieces out of the fabric. Sooo excited.
It is a great size for putting your wallet, phone and keys in when you don't want to take your whole handbag with you.
Inside view.

I need more practice on pressing rounded corners and must remember to CLIP rounded seams but other than that I love the size of this bag. The instructions were really simple and easy to follow and I would recommend this pattern.

I am happy that I overcame my fear of cutting into the GOOD fabric and hope that I can continue to take steps forward and cut into some of the other good fabric I have.

How about you? Is it time you cut into some of that GOOD fabric as well?


  1. Thanks for the comment on the hair. I don't miss it at all! I donated it to Locks of Love - they make wigs for children with cancer and other diseases that cause them to lose their hair.
    I do find myself using too much shampoo, or thinking I have my hair in a pony tail when I don't! Too funny.

    Love the purse, it's so cute :D And congrats on making it to Craftster's Hot Topics, hehe.

  2. That purse is SO adorable Mel!


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