Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My LOVELY new bag!

I have been involved in the Fill a Purse Swap On Craftster... Are you surprised? Another swap? Hehehe.
My partner was the lovely HippieKender and she made me some lovely things!
First of all the bag.....

How pretty is this? It has a zipper at the top and heaps of pockets on the inside. I am so in love with this fabric!

The other part of the swap is that you had to fill it with handmade or store bought accessories.

A sketchbook cover, cosmetic bag, camera case,tissue holder, key fob and coffee cosy.
Close up of coffee cosy which the family has decided is a coffee shoe..??....

Her work is incredible and I feel honoured to have recieved such lovely things.

My package to her is still in the mail and still another week or so away. I am nervously waiting and hoping that it gets to her and that she'll like it.

Deep Breaths Mel..

I hope you are well, Bless, Mel


  1. Wow great package! I was thinking of joining this swap but didn't in the end...wish I did now.

  2. Yay! I am *still* relieved you like everything. Though even if you didn't like it, I can't imagine you saying "What were you thinking, Steph? This purse is hideous!" Ha ha!


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